Through our ROVs (Remotely Operated Vehicles), we carry out submarine activities to provide maritime and fluvial logistic services, directed to the oil, gas, security, institutional, and scientific industries. Our personnel is highly trained, and our last generation equipment and instruments allow us to explore depths of up to 500 meters.

Our work is centered in the development of safe and effective techniques that enable operations in risky environments, such as deep waters, with strong currents, or in highly contaminated or low visibility waters. In this manner, our ROVs allow us to minimize the risks to our personnel and achieve top-quality results.

Support for marine drilling operations and equipment

Underwater pipeline inspections (oil and gas lines, outfalls and fibre optic cables)

Underwater inspections of offshore installations, vessels, tanks, floating platforms, bridges, docks and dams

Support during diving operations

Identification of obstructions in the seabed

Port security activities

Search and salvage operations

Scientific and environmental studies

First responder operations during spills of hazardous substances

Aquaculture and fisheries

Penetration of confined structures

Contamos con amplia experiencia en este tipo de trabajos, habiendo realizado inspecciones a las tuberías de Ecopetrol en Tumaco y Coveñas, además de videos del lecho marino para Repsol y Geocol-Ecopetrol, en los Pozos Siluro y Molusco, respectivamente. De igual forma, hemos realizado videos para estudios ambientales en el Parque Nacional Natural Corales de Profundidad en las Islas del Rosario para el Invemar y Parques Nacionales Naturales de Colombia.